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About Us

Who We Are?

We are TheMagicShark. We have over half-a-decade of experience in the credit skin business since April 2015, shipping customers worldwide with 99% satisfaction. Customer service is vital to us and that's our goal ever since we were founded.

Why Credit Card Skins?

Credit/Debit cards or Metro cards are what we always keep in our wallets or purses. All around the world people were customizing phone skins, MacBook skins and whatnot but no one thought about the credit cards that we use and is impossible to live without. We use them at least once or a twice a day, if not more. As such, our founder Mr. Fariz came up with the idea of creating personalized credit card skins which became an instant hit.

Why MagicShark Skins?

We've sold over 10,000+ skins worldwide with a 99% customer satisfaction since 2015. The stellar customer care and trust our team has built around the marketplace has brought us this far. MagicShark skins are the only ones in the industry that use Japanese imported 3M vinyl and industry-leading printing process. Feedbacks from multiple customers/reviewers comparing our skins to others have always been a win for us.
We also guarantee our skins to last at least 5 years, more than the validity period of most credit cards. You can get a skin for the entire lifetime of a card. Our skins do not fade or scratch and the print is heat & water resistant.
Furthermore, our skins do not interfere with usage since we use the 3M's thinnest film. You can still Tap, Swipe or Insert in machines as usual.

You Are Our Jewel!

We hold our customers and indeed our community in the highest esteem, for this reason, we wanted you to feel at home and assured that we have your interest foremost in our minds. We are ready to defend your interest anytime and any day!
We will never place our business interest above your trust. We want you to feel at home whenever you visit our site to choose what you want and feel free to ask us anything.
Kindly subscribe with us so we can know you well. Please feel free to share your feedbacks, suggestions and inquiries below or at

Welcome to the Club!

This site is owned and operated by Fazal Fariz

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